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Remote participation/access to workshop will be organized using webex system. To join, please follow the links below for each day:

Day 1, 9th of September 2019 9:00-19:00

Day 2, 10th of September 2019 9:00-19:00

Day 3, 11th of September 2019 9:00-19:00



The Millimetron Space Observatory (MSO), an approved project of the Russian Federal Space Agency, is a space mission with a 10-m cooled (<20K), deployable telescope to be equipped with state-of-the-art receivers, enabling breakthrough observations in the mm/submm to far-infrared wavelength range. The orbiting MSO can operate in single-dish mode or as a station in a space-ground VLBI network.

In the VLBI mode the MSO, will provide extremely high angular resolution allowing for example imaging studies of the direct environment of black holes.

As a single dish observatory, MSO can provide unique capabilities to conduct detailed imaging and high resolution spectroscopy with unrivalled sensitivity, probing and characterizing the earliest epochs of the Universe as well as a complete evolutionary track of star formation and planetary systems.

Recently excellent progress has been made on the components that determine the antenna surface accuracy and on the thermal modelling, showing its possible operating temperature level. it is now timely to take a comprehensive approach in the detailed definition of the mission in all its aspects, including flight instrumentation.

Goals of the workshop

The goals for this OPEN workshop are:

  • to present the development status of the antenna and its expected in-orbit performance;
  • to define and discuss a number of key science cases in the light of recently acquired new information and discoveries made by Planck, Herschel, ALMA and other projects, focusing on the unique capabilities offered by a 10-m cooled space antenna;
  • to define and discuss the science areas where Millimetron can make a significant contribution including cross-facility synergies;
  • to discuss and review a strawman instrumentation package providing Millimetron its scientific capabilities.

This workshop is also the start of a process to include more foreign groups in the definition of science objectives and acquisition of instrumentation.


 Important dates:

Contributed papers with abstract: deadline 30 June
Posters with abstract: deadline 30 July
Registration before 30 August;

No registration fee.