Scientific program: Preliminary

Workshop Program:
9-11 September
Observatoire de Paris, France

9 September; Day-1: Development status of the antenna and mission

Start at 09:00

Session-1: The Millimetron Antenna: A) Development status
B) What to expect (rms and °K)

This day all ”Invited” Papers!

0) Welcome; Goals for this workshop (10) (de Graauw)
1) Introduction to the Millimetron Space Observatory (30) (Likhachev)
2) Full set of Technical Requirements for the scientific payload (15) (Smirnov)
3) The antenna design description (20) (Babakin)
4) Antenna Surfaces Accuracy: Design and Modelling, Error budget and Experimental Results (30) (Golubev)

Coffee/Tea Break (15)

5) Modelling, calculations, error budget and experimental results and evidences: Thermal model (30) (Krasnoyarsk)
6) In-flight Surface Error Measurement System (20) (Baryshev)

  • Design description
  • Experimental demonstration
7) In-orbit antenna integrity: outgassing and (de)hydration effects as part of (15) (Yaroslav)
8) Summary (15) (de Graauw)

Lunch Break

Start at 14:00

Session-2: Millimetron Key Science Cases and
Associated Instrumentation Requirements

9) Performance Predictions: Sensitivity calculations, orbital constraints, etc..

  1. VLBI mode and orbital constraints (20) (Rudnitsky)
  2. Spectroscopy/imaging with direct detection and with heterodyne detection, including comparison with Herschel and SPICA (20) (Baryshev)

10) Candidate Key Science cases with instrumentation; in VLBI Mode:

  1. Black Hole Environment Imaging (20) (Shekinov, ASC-LPI)
  2. Possible worm hole detections tbc (Novikov ASC-LPI)

11) Candidate Key Science cases with instrumentation; in Single Dish Mode:

  1. CMB spectrum shape (20) (J. Chluba)
  2. The water trail (20) (M. Hogerheijde tbc)
  3. S-Z observations (P de Bernardis)
12) Summary Science Driven Instrumentation Requirements (20) (Th. de Graauw)
13) Possible strawman instrumentation package for single dish(30) (A. Baryshev)

Day 2 and 3: Science with Milimetron:
For both days: Invited, Contributed Papers and Posters

Day-2 and 3

Suggested invited talks: divided over the two days

14) CMB Observations with mm-submm Spectro-Polarimeter (30) (P. de Bernardis)
15) Imaging and low/mid resolution polari-spectrometer concept and science case (30) (M.Bradford tbc)
16) Imaging Heterodyne spectrometer concept and science case (30) (M. Wiedner)
17) Millimetron and VLBI (30) (E. Fomalont, NRAO/ALMA)
18) What can Millimetron do for planet-disk and staformation studies (30) (A. Maury, CEA)
19) Millimetron observations of molecular outflows in ULIRGS: E. Gonz´alez-Alfonso (U de Alcala, Sp)
20) Solar System Observations with Millimetron (D. Lis; P. Hartogh)
21) Millimetron and ALMA: Science Duplication or Amplification (L. Testi, ESO)
22) Starformation # 1, (S. Molinari (S.U.)
23) Stellar Evolution, E. de Beck (CTH)

15.45 Tea/Coffee Break



A) Programmatic considerations

24) Science Management Plan (SMP) and working groups (30) (Th. de Graauw)
25) Budget, Fundraising (20) (S. Likhachev)

B) Discussion and Workshop summary;(Th. de Graauw moderator)

Workshop ends ~ 17.30